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   The Vancouver Institute of Self Defense was formally organized in September 2005; its instructors have been informally offering free women’s self-defense clinics at various churches and the YWCA in Vancouver and Camas, WA since 2003.  The VISD is closely affiliated with the American Jujitsu Association (AJA Dojo #2300), and teaches Japanese-origin Jujitsu under the philosophical framework of Budoshin Jujitsu. The Sensei holds AJA Instructor Certification TC-0406-2300

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   Browse around our Web site for more information about who we are, what we teach - and why. If you have any questions or would like to speak with our Sensei or the Sempai (assistant instructors), check the Contact Us page.

   The Vancouver Institute of Self Defense is a non-profit community service effort offered to residents of Clark County, WA. It does not compete with store-front martial art businesses.  As a policy, we cannot take students under the age of 14, and we require any teenagers below the age of 16 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian - primarily for safety reasons.  Parents who choose to attend with their teenager will be amazed at the good that comes from this effort - for both of you.

NOTE: Budoshin Jujitsu Yudanshakai is an association of Budoshin black-belts. 

The Kanji characters in the patch at left are Jiu-Jitsu (left), meaning the Gentle or Adaptive Art, and Go-Shin (right) meaning body defense or self defense. The bamboo in between implies strength through flexibility.